TAN Song (Sophy)


Phone: +852-6732-9110 +86-131-4880-4219
Email: songtan-c AT my.cityu.edu.hk | sophysongtan AT gmail.com
Addr: Rm M5001, Bldg CMC, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Research Interests

Multimedia Data Mining, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Computer Vision.

Selected Recent Projects

Cross-media Hyperlinking

With the rapid growth of social media, there are plenty of information sources freely available online for use. Nevertheless, how to synchronize and leverage these diverse forms of information for multimedia applications remains a problem yet to be seriously studied. This paper investigates the synchronization of multiple media content in the physical form of hyperlinking them. The ultimate goal is to develop browsing systems that author search results with rich media information mined from various knowledge sources. The authoring enables the vivid visualization and exploration of different information landscapes inherent in search results. Several key techniques are studied in this paper for developing these browsing features. These techniques include content mining and selection from web videos, space-time alignment of multiple media, and augmenting of search result with when and what information. We conduct both quantitative and user studies on a large video dataset for performance evaluation. Comparison with traditional techniques including storyboard summarization and video skimming are also presented.

Hierarchical Video Browsing

Organizing video search results in a list view is widely adopted by current commercial search engines, which cannot support efficient browsing for complex search topics that have multiple semantic facets. In this paper, we propose to organize video search results in a highly structured way. Specifically, videos are placed on a semantic hierarchy which accurately organizes various facets of a given search topic. To pick the most suitable videos for each node of the hierarchy, we define and utilize three important criteria: relevance, uniqueness and diversity. Extensive evaluations on a large YouTube video dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

CeleBrowser: An example of browsing big data on small device

Most search engines return a ranked list of items in response to a query. The list however tells very little about the relationship among items. For videos especially, users often read to spend significant amount of time to navigate the search result. Exploratory search presents a new paradigm for browsing where the browser takes up the role of information exploring and presents a well-organized browsing structure for users to navigate. The proposed interface Galaxy Browser adopts the recent advances in near-duplicate detection and then synchronizes the detected near-duplicate information with comprehensive background knowledge derived from online external resources. The result is a topic structure on which users can easily browse and explore.


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TAN Song (Sophy) received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the M.S. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Ph.D in the Dept. of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong. Her supervisor is Dr.NGO Chong-Wah.