Author's Guide:

The Proceedings of PCM2007 will be published in a book series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer.  Prepare a paper using the LNCS template for the conference. Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF. We will not accept any paper which, at the time of submission, is under review or has already been published or accepted for publication in a journal or another conference.

 - P
aper Format Template: MS Word, LaTex.

Camera-Ready Paper Submission

Accepted papers should be prepared following the Springer's LNCS template (MS Word, LaTex). The page limit is TEN (10) for ORAL papers. For POSTER papers, the final manuscript CANNOT exceed FOUR (4) pages. It is very important that the author uses the LNCS template (MS Word, LaTex) and follows exactly the format specified in the instructions. For example, the author SHOULD NOT squash his or her paper by removing vertical spaces or changing font sizes, etc.

Authors need to prepare the following two parts for the camera ready paper submission:

    1. PDF file of the camera ready paper

        The PDF file of the camera ready paper should be submitted through the EDAS system.

    2. A single zip file named with your paper number, e.g.

        This zip file should be sent via EMAIL entitled "Camera Ready {Your paper number} Submission to {Track name}" to The zip file should contain the following 3 items:

        a) PDF file of the camera ready paper

        b) source files (Word or Latex) of the camera ready paper     

        c) completed copyright form in electronic format (in PDF) and named XXXXXXXXXXcr.pdf where XXXXXXXXXX is your paper number      

            The author may download the copyright form(s), print it and scan the completed form to obtain the electronic format (in PDF) or complete and attach the digital signature directly to the original copyright form(s) PDF file. 

The above steps for the camera ready paper submission should be completed by 22-Aug-2007.