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- VIREO Food-251 Dataset.
- VIREO Food-172 Dataset.
- Zero-Example Video Search Tool with Source Code and Features from TRECVID MED, AVS Dataset.
- Code and Training Dataset for Deep Affect with DBM.
- WebV-Cele for Name-Face Association.
- MQA dataset for Instance Search.
- VIREO-VH version 1.0: Open source for video hyperlinking, partial near-duplicate search and galaxy-based browsing.
- VIREO-WEB81: Semantic Concept Detectors by Training from Web Images.
- Moving Object Extraction: Sample Clips, Ground-truth and Results
- VIREO-374: Keypoint-Based LSCOM Semantic Concept Detectors.
- ND_PE: Near-Duplicate Image Detection Toolkit.
- LIP-VIREO: Local Interest Point Extraction Toolkit
- SOTU: Efficient Near-duplicate Image/Video Retrieval/Detection Toolkit
- Near-duplicate web video dataset (CC_WEB_VIDEO).



- Concept-based Search
- MMLib
- Lecture Video Browser [The login name is "guest"]
- Video Content Analysis for Multimedia Authoring of Presentations
- TRECVID 2007 Rushes Summarization
- Galaxy Browser: Exploratory Search of Web Videos