VIREO-VH (Video Hyperlinking) is an open source software, providing end-to-end support for threading and visualizing large video collections. This software includes components for near-duplicate keyframe retrieval, partial near-duplicate video alignment, and Galaxy visualization of the video collection.

Screenshots by VIREO-VH:

VIREO-VH constructs hyperlinks for connecting videos, and eventually visualize the video relationship as a galaxy of visual snippets (or technically clusters of graphs). There are several visual snippet structures in this galaxy view. The structure could carry semantic meanings. For example, a fully connected snippet (highlighted with green) indicates highly redundant videos, a sparse structure (highlighted with red) implies an evolving event and a highly centralized structure (hub) with excessive hyperlinks to other videos maybe a summary video as shown in the yellow circle.
By zooming in a visual snippet, each video is represented as a series of keyframe thumbnails. Partial NDs are highlighted with different colors so that the hyperlinks among them can be easily viewed.

Download the software or souce code to visualize your videos.

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